Sexual Abuse/Trauma Books

  • When He’s Married to Mom, Kenneth Adams
  • Silently Seduced, Kenneth Adams
  • Sexual Healing Journey, Wendy Maltz
  • Pornography Addiction Books

  • Porn Trap, Wendy Maltz
  • In the Shadows of the Net, Patrick Carnes, David Delmonico & Elizabeth Griffin
  • Untangling the Web: Sex, Porn and Fantasy Obsession, Robert Weiss & Jennifer Schneider
  • Sex Addiction Books

  • A Gentle Path Through the 12 Steps, Patrick Carnes
  • Contrary to Love, Patrick Carnes
  • Disclosing Secrets, Deborah Corley & Jennifer Schneider
  • Don’t Call it Love, Patrick Carnes
  • Facing the Shadow, Patrick Carnes
  • Out of the Shadows, Patrick Carnes
  • Sex Addicts Anonymous
  • Sexual Anorexia, Patrick Carnes
  • Women, Sex and Addiction, Charlotte Kasl
  • Recovery Start Kit, Patrick Carnes
  • Sex Help Books

    Sexuality Books

    Partners Recovery Books

    Monitoring Programs

    All of these books can be bought at Dr. Levinson’s office or through the Gentle Path Press or